Small parts

The high productivity of the traditional cam moving headstock technology allows machining of common materials in batches of thousands of parts.
Thanks to the support of in-house tooling, the department can guarantee production with accuracies of a few hundredths. A large proportion of the machines are equipped with chucking devices such as drills, counter-drills and combers. 
Transfers with automatic loading complete the most complex processing operations.

  • 60 cam lathes for diameters from 2 to 25 mm
  • 15 automatic loading transfers
  • 8 manually loaded transfers  
  • 3 rolling machines
  • 2 hobbing machines
section image
section image

Washing machine with loading portal

Automatically manages up to 4 hours of washing

Each basket has a dedicated wash program

Automated washing

A state-of-the-art, fully-automated washing plant, which guarantees quality cleaning of parts and respect for the environment.

Other types of processing

We manage all stages of the production process internally to ensure quality control and adherence to schedules.

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