Quality control meets the reliability expectations of complex productions

Dimensional and geometric tolerances of even a few microns.

Quality Control

The quality control team consists of 10 highly specialised people, who:

  • guarantee the quality of production processes;
  • manage the instrumentation supporting production;
  • interface with customers for continuous process improvement;
  • provide dimensional certification.
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Gamba is continuously renewing its tool park to improve control of the tightest tolerances:

  • Optical measuring machines
  • Contact measuring machines
  • Roundness and roughness gauges

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Process control

To meet special requirements, Gamba provides 100% control with the support of digital instrumentation and automation systems, to monitor and certify process parameters.

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Certified quality

The quality system has been certified since 1993 and updated to ISO 9001:2015 (Intertek No. 0614396-00).

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Internal certification of instruments

Gamba has equipment with a precision of 0.1 microns for the certification of inspection instruments. Gamba ensures timeliness and precision.


Hand tools


Threaded gauges


Pads, gauges and templates

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