If mechanics is your life, choose Gamba.

Working at Gamba will allow you to learn the basics of precision mechanics. We have understood mechanics for 90 years and can boast proven production processes. You will be able to observe and perform complex, highly diversified machining operations, using cutting edge production and control machines.

Due impiegati di Gamba Meccanica al lavoro

Be inspired by those who are already part of the team!

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Quality Assurance

The stimulating working environment constantly presents us with challenges and opportunities for growth. The support of my team is another reason why I love working here. The collaboration and exchange of ideas with highly skilled colleagues creates an environment in which I can develop both personally and professionally.

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Junior toolmaker

Gamba is my first working experience after graduation. Here you can breathe real precision mechanics, with state-of-the-art machines and experienced colleagues. The company has created a training course for me that covers all types of turning, and I already started equipping machines a few months ago. I am very satisfied with my choice.

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Quality control

Gamba's quality control is an excellent department and I am proud to be part of it. The company's reputation depends on us. What I like about my job is the open relationship with my boss and the constructive relationship with my production colleagues. But the freedom in terms of schedules is also important, because it allows me to balance work and family.

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I have worked at Gamba for more than 30 years. I tool and manage a large part of the grinding department. It is a delicate job because it is the last stage of processing, which means that any mistake has serious consequences. At Gamba there are no easy pieces, and I think I know how to do my job well. I also think it is important for the success of the company.

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Junior toolmaker

I have been at Gamba for just over five years and have been tooling CNC lathes for two years. For me it is a great opportunity and I am working hard to gain a role in the company. I owe much of my growth to my senior colleagues. School is important, but the experience of people who have been working on these machines for years makes the real difference. And they are always very willing to teach.

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I have been working at Gamba as a conductor for about a year. Being a conductor is not a trivial position, because in addition to following production on several machines, I have to check the dimensions according to the control sheets. I think it is an important experience for me; it allows me to learn the processes but also gives me the opportunity to work on high-level production and control machines.

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I have been involved in machinery maintenance since I was young. There is a lot to do at Gamba because there are 200 very different machines, witch means that experience is needed. We work brilliantly as a team, and always find a solution in the end. I like the fact that my work is highly appreciated by the whole organisation. I enjoy the respect between colleagues and the desire to work together.

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I have been with Gamba for 25 years and am a senior toolmaker on machining centres. In recent years, there has been a major technological leap with the advent of the 5-axis. You never stop learning. But I like teaching young people. I am currently tutoring Luca, who started out as a conductor but is learning very well and is already carrying out simple jobs himself.

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People at the centre of every process

We think that people are at the heart of Gamba's success. Because customer satisfaction is created through the expertise and consistent results of those who work every day with dedication and precision.

Helping people to grow is the key activity for the present and the future of our company.

There are no open positions at the moment - we are focusing on the growth of our staff. Stay in touch for future possibilities!

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