Two companies, more than 100 years of experience in precision mechanics

A long history of technology, quality and customer focus.





Grinding and honing

Grinding and honing

Gamba has been manufacturing precision mechanics since 1935.

It specialises in the manufacture of complex components using materials that are difficult to machine.

Gamba supports customers in their most important projects, where every little detail is essential to the success of the product.

Gamba manufactures all machining stages in-house to ensure reliability, along with respect for drawing dimensions and delivery times.



Custom series

Custom series

Custom screws

Custom screws


Icovia has 50 years of experience in mechanical solutions

It offers services that include design consultancy, the creation of prototypes, the realisation of production batches , as well as the testing and assembly of complex components.

It collaborates with specialised partners in design machining, especially large parts, precision carpentry, as well as standardised and customised screws. Icovia offers mechanical solutions.

The story of Gamba

Over the years, Gamba has been able to adapt to every change that the historical moment demanded, demonstrating great adaptability and innovation.


Year of foundation

The Gamba Brothers Limited Company was founded in Milan. These were the years of the embargo and autarchy to which the company contributed with the production of unified screws, products that were previously imported.


Gamba enters the war industry

Contemporary events required the company to switch to special productions for the war industry. Gamba was caught up in the bombing that hit Milan, and the company relocated to Brembilla.


International openness

In the immediate post-war period, Gamba was one of the very first companies to become a subcontractor with the arrival of foreign (mainly American) multinationals in Italy. The first automatic lathes - still unknown in Italy at the time - were imported from Switzerland and produced for Remington, Ibm, Bic, Philips and many other Italian companies.


Pioneers in the Brembana Valley

These were the years of the economic miracle, to which Gamba contributed by assuming the dimensions of a large industrial company with a workforce of 250 people, creating important jobs in a valley lacking in resources. During these years, Gamba made a decisive contribution to the creation of the mechanical cluster in the Brembana Valley.

The 1970s

Specialisation and the birth of Icovia

In the 70s, Gamba moved towards more specialised and high-quality workmanship. Icovia was also created for the marketing of screws.


Vanguard in mechanics

In the 1990s, one of the very first CNC lathes was purchased and in collaboration with Iemca, the prototype of the first Italian CNC lathe loader was tested.

The 1990s

The first quality certifications

In 1993 Gamba was one of the first companies to certify its quality system to ISO 9000. The expansion of the structure continued in order to accommodate a market that was continuously developing and becoming increasingly oriented towards quality and flexibility.


Expansion and looking to the future

Gamba further expanded its factory to the current area of 11,000 square metres and completed its range of services by adding new milling, grinding and Honing departments to accompany its traditional turning operations.

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