The innovative Hiride front suspension developed in collaboration with Gamba

«Hiride's new front suspension is a great success in the world of gravel bikes. BMC was the first brand to adopt it but there is great interest from the whole market. Our collaboration with Gamba was decisive for the success of the project. » 

Giulio Ferretti
General Manager Hiride
Customer Sector Year
Hiride Bicycle components 2022

Front suspension Hiride: a step forward in the gravel world

Suspensions on gravel bikes are a great innovation. Hiride is the most advanced solution on the market: it meets cyclists' needs for grip and stability, perfectly combining performance and comfort.

Integrated intelligent suspension, specially optimised for gravel and all-road applications.

The collaboration between Gamba and Hiride

Hiride's suspension assembly consists of different parts made by turning, milling, grinding and honing processes. They have very precise tolerances and low roughness. 

Our collaboration with Hiride continues today. Such an innovative product requires constant joint efforts with the customer to improve product quality and achieve target prices that allow growth in the market.

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