We are very pleased with the new IMG vice, which is meeting with great success on the market. We needed a suitable partner for the production of turned and milled components, to produce a high-quality product. We chose GAMBA, with whom we have collaborated for many years." Lorenzo Bergantin, General Manager OML.

IMG: versatility is a must
IMG is the new self-centring mechanical vice developed by OML for machining with 5-axis machines. It is equipped with a patented telescopic system, which allows the continuous opening and closing movement of the vice, while keeping the screw completely protected from dirt. With a conversion kit it is possible to transform IMG from self-centring to fixed point and or double clamping: 3 types of clamping with a single vice. In the double clamping version, the workpieces do not have to be the same size, thanks to a compensation system. IMG vices are equipped with Sintergrip reversible jaws that allow no pre-machining and minimal clamping depth (3.5 mm), ensuring secure clamping without deforming the workpiece.

Gamba contributes to the perfect functioning of the vice by manufacturing the main components to high-quality standards.

The two slides, made of 42CrMo4, require extremely small geometric tolerances to ensure the precision and regularity of the movement. 
They are produced on a 5-axis machining centre using IMG vices which, thanks to their much higher rigidity compared to the previous generation, allow us to produce the part in a single intake, eliminating the need to grind the sliding surfaces.
By producing the entire part in a single placement, the geometries are perfectly matched to achieve a higher quality in the finished product.